Unit VI: Memory Organization - Computer Architecture

BCA 5th Semester CA (Computer Architecture) Notes Pdf, Memory Organization - Computer Architecture

Memory Organization - Computer Architecture

In this unit named Memory Organization - Computer Architecture” readers and viewers will get information regarding the following topics:

  1. Memory Hierarchy
  2. Semiconductor Main Memory
  3. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  4. ROM (Read-Only Memory)
  5. Differentiate between RAM and ROM
  6. Characteristics of Memory System
  7. Auxiliary Memory
  8. Magnetic Disk
  9. Magnetic Tape
  10. Optical Disk
  11. Flash Drives
  12. Review of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
  13. Associative Memory
  14. Hardware Organization
  15. Address Matching Logic
  16. Read/Write Operations
  17. Types of Associative Memory
  18. Cache Memory
  19. Cache Initialization
  20. Mapping Cache Memory
  21. Direct Mapping
  22. Associative Mapping
  23. Block Set Associative Mapping
  24. Write Policy
  25. Replacement Algorithms

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