Computer architecture is the architectural attributes like physical address memory, CPU and how they should be made and made to coordinate with each other keeping the future demands and goals in mind.

Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization - Computer Architecture

In this “Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization - Computer Architecture” you will learn about following topics:

  1. Computer Organization and Computer Architecture
  2. Review of Evolution of Computer System
  3. First Generation Computers
  4. Second Generation Computers
  5. Third Generation Computers
  6. Fourth Generation Computers
  7. Fifth Generation Computers
  8. Basic Structure of Computer System
  9. Structure and Function
  10. Structure of Computer System (Top Level)
  11. Structure of the CPU
  12. Structure of Control Unit
  13. Examples of Computer Families
  14. Future Trends in Computer
  15. Instruction and Instruction Format
  16. Instruction Sets Design Issues
  17. A milestone in Computer Organization
  18. Instruction Format of IAS (Institute for Advanced Study) Computer
  19. Expanded Structure of IAS Computer
  20. IAS Instructions
  21. Addressing Mode
  22. Most Common Addressing Techniques

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